Before putting your order with Auction Transport, please consider the following:

*No personal belongings are permitted for safety reasons, but the following items are considered part of the vehicle:

  • Jumper cables and minor tools (factory items, properly stowed)
  • Driver Manual
  • First-aid and/or emergency supplies kit
  • Ice scraper and snow brush
  • Spare tire and tire changing tools (properly stowed)
  • Car cover, including bra

  • Non-runners will not be accepted for shipment. Vehicles must be in full operating, road worthy and in safe condition.
  • Check to see that your vehicle is in good running order. Tires, battery and a working emergency brake and no fuel/oil leaks are important to ensure smooth handling during shipment. Remove all loose items and personal belongings from the vehicle.
  • Repair all broken, loose or rusted parts. No aerosols, motor oil, windshield washer fluid, combustibles or spare fluids can be shipped.
  • Your gas tank should be one quarter (1/4) to one half (1/2) full. Top up all other fluids. During colder months be sure your car is properly winterized.
  • Any accessories not permanently mounted to the vehicle should be removed. Be certain the jack, wheel-nut key and spare tire are properly stowed.
  • A photocopy of the vehicle registration should be placed in the glove box. (Original is not required).
  • Please inform us of any security features, starting instructions or details pertinent to the handling of your vehicle. Leave a written copy on the front seat of the vehicle and advise our driver.
  • Caps/Canopies on pickup trucks must be properly bolted to the box of the truck to ensure safe delivery.
  • Electric vehicles should be fully charged before being shipped


QUOTES:  please note: Buses, garbage trucks, motor-homes, cube-vans,
construction vehicles, farm equipment  etc.

We can move anything with wheels but due to the uniqueness of this type of equipment, we would ask that you complete the detailed quotation request and submit it to our dispatch division by clicking on the link:  Contact


As a husband and wife team, Auction Transport is committed to safety for the general public and safety to our staff. We evolve on a regular basis to make sure we follow all industry standards. We are commited to environmental sustainability utilizing all the resources at our disposal from investing in green equipment to educating staff from top to bottom.

Speed Limiters 
A speed limiter, sometimes called a governor, is a built-in microchip that allows a truck engine’s top speed to be preset. All of Auction Transport’s trucks (Company and Broker) are set at 105 km/h. These settings provide a major environmental benefit conserving fuel and helping us track fuel consumption for each unit allowing us to better manage our fleet. 

In-Cab Heaters and Engine Heaters 
Excessive idling is eliminated when drivers are sleeping with in-cab heaters which draw low amounts of power. Reduced idling lowers maintenance costs and ensures safe, reliable engine starts. It also helps drivers comply with anti-idling regulations set by different provincial authorities. 

Servicing Equipment 

We regularly service our fleet to maintain the reliability of our equipment and the efficiency of our engines. Our driver monitoring program ensures that our trucks are serviced at standardized intervals. Engine tune-ups are performed regularly to ensure maximum performance as well as cleaner fluids and filters, which result in cleaner exhaust. We have on-site mechanics who fully understand the importance of preventative maintenance.

Operating System 
Auction Transport is constantly evolving with the industry needs. Our computerized operating system provides increased efficiency in all of our departments including: Dispatch (more efficient load building = fewer km driven), Accounting, EDI and Maintenance. 

Paperless Delivery 
All drivers are equipped with smart phones and tablets to process pick-up, delivery and vehicle condition reports which are submitted electronically to our dispatch and customers. Our data is offered in real-time and will eliminate most of the current paper currently used for delivery receipts, load sheets and inspections. 

Electronic Log Books 
All of our drivers track their hours of service through electronic log books. This allows for accurate driver compliance ensuring we remain infraction free (DOT, CVOR).  


All of our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking devices.  Which means Auction Transport can monitor and dispatch efficiently all of their vehicles being transported.