Received subject to the classifications and tariffs in effect on the date of issue of this Original Bill of Lading, or, received, subject to the Rules for the Carriage ot Express and Non-Carload Freight Traffic and tariffs in effect on the date of issue of this original Shipping Contract (bill of lading), goods described below, in apparent good order, except as noted (contents and conditions of contents of packages unknown), marked, consigned and destined as indicated below.

Company agrees to carry to its usual place of delivery at said destination, if on its road, otherwise to deliver to another carrier on the route to said destination. It is mutually agreed, as to each carrier of all or any of said goods over all or any portion of said route to destination, and as to each party at any time interested in all or any of said goods, that every service to be performed hereunder shall be subject to all the terms and conditions (which are hereby incorporated by reference and have the same force and effect as if the same were severally, fully and specifically set forth herein).

  1. approved by the Board of Transport Commissioners for Canada by General Order No. T-5, dated February 1, 1965 set forth in the Canadian Freight Classification and also available at all Railway agency stations and freight offices upon request, when said goods are carried by a rail carrier; or
  2. of the bill of lading of the water carrier as provided in its tariffs of Rules and Regulations when said goods are carried by a water carrier; or
  3. of the bill of lading set forth in or prescribed by the relevant tariffs, classifications, statutes and regulations pertaining to motor carrier’s services when said goods are carried by a motor carrier; or
  4. of the bill of lading form R.T.200, approved by the Quebec Transportation Board on August 5, 1960, when the said goods originating in Quebec are to be carried by a motor carrier;
  5. or approved by the Canadian Transport Commission for Canada by General Order No. T-43. set forth in the Rules for the Carriage of Express and Non-Carload Freight Traffic and also available at all express and railway agency stations and express and freight offices upon request, when said goods are carried by a rail carrier, and which are agreed to by the shipper and accepted for himself and his assigns.

  1. Personal belongings are not permitted in vehicle.
  2. Carrier is not responsible for mechanical defects. Boosting and/or towing of vehicle will be at additional cost.
  3. Carrier is not responsible for damage to vehicles that cannot be driven on or off transporter under its own power or vehicles with insufficient brakes or vehicles that are not in normal running condition (high idling etc).
  4. Carrier is not responsible for vehicles not properly prepared for shipment. It is the Shipper’s responsibility to properly prepare the vehicle for shipment. All loose parts, tops, hoods, campers tops fragile or protruding accessories, low hanging spoilers, antennas etc., must be removed and/or properly secured. Any part of the vehicle (including fluids) that falls or blows off in transit is the Shipper’s responsibility including damages caused by said part or fluid or any and all vehicles involved.
  5. Total loss Insurance coverage- New vehicles en-route to a dealer from a manufacturer are insured for “dealer Cost ” valuation.  Dealer’s cost is defined as the cost of manufacture plus applicable transportation costs.  Used vehicles are insured for the fair market price as determined by an independent appraiser.  Movement of antique or special interest vehicles must have a declared value in writing to the auto-carrier which must be supported by a written appraisal prepared by an authorized appraiser and pre-dating the date of shipping.  All claims subject to $1000.00 deductible. Auto-Carrier’s maximum liability is $2.00/lb. or $4.41 kg if the value of the vehicle is not declared by the shipper.
  6. All claims must be supported by the carrier’s Bill of Lading, along with two estimates for repair, and must be submitted within five (5) days of delivery. Transportation costs for the vehicle must be paid prior to settling of any claims. Damage which is being claimed must be noted on the Delivery Bill of Lading. Carrier is not responsible for damage caused by vandalism.
  7. Shipper waives his right to file a claim on bills marked “Subject to Inspection”,”Inspection Pending”, or similar notations.
  8. Carrier is not responsible for damages done to after-market ground effects installed on the vehicle.
  9. Carrier is not responsible for undercarriage, or exhaust system damage unless proof provided that the specific area was in contact with our trailer during transit. Damage due to metal fatigue or rust does not constitute a claim.
  10. Door to door pickup and delivery service is included in our rates, however, due to city by-laws or confined spaces we cannot access your residence at all times. In this case, our driver will get as close as possible to you and from there, you are responsible to move your vehicle to or from your residence.
  11. Unless credit has been arranged and approved, all shipments must be Prepaid.
  12. Carrier is not responsible for minor chips and scratches or glass breakage resulting from common road hazards, such as flying stones, sand or ice, or caused by any natural incident that is uncontrollable by the carrier ore our drivers. Damage caused by freezing of cooling systems and/or batteries is the responsibility of the Shipper.
  13. Carrier is not responsible for incidental damages or liabilities resulting from freight damage, late freight or any other type of claim (missed sales or deadlines, decreasing value of vehicle, loss of potential profit, car rental etc.).



1.1 Damage Area/Type Codes - CODE»DESCRIPTION (New Descriptions in Italics)

1 Antenna/Antenna Base

2 Battery/Box

3 Bumper/Cover/Ext-Front

4 Bumper/Cover/Ext-Rear

5 Bumper Guard/Strip-Front

6 Bumper Guard/Strip-Rear

7 Door-Back Cargo, Right

8 Door-Back Cargo, Left

9 Door-Right Cargo

10 Door-Left Front

11 Door-Left Rear

12 Door-Right Front

13 Door-Right Rear

14 Fender-Left Front

15 Quarter Panel/Pick-Up Box-Left

16 Fender-Right Front

17 Quarter Panel/Pick-Up Box – Right

18 Front Floor mats

19 Floor Mats Rear

20 Glass Windshield

21 Glass Rear

22 Grille

23 Accessory Bag/Box

24 Headlight Cover / Turn Signal

25 Lamps-Fog/Driving/Spot Light

26 Headliner

27 Hood

28 Keys

29 Keyless remote

30 Mirror – Outside Left

31 Mirror – Outside Right

32 Open

33 Audio/Video Player

34 TD/DVD Screen

35 Rocker Panel/Outer Sill Left

36 Rocker Panel/Outer Sill Right

37 Roof

38 Running Board/Step – Left

39 Running Board/Step – Right

40 Spare Tire/Wheel

41 Open

42 Splash Panel/Spoiler – Front

43 Open

44 Gas Tank

45 Tail Light/Hardware

46 Open

47 Open

48 Trim Panel-Front Left

49 CD Changer Separate Unit

50 Trim Panel-Front Right

51 Open

52 Deck Lid/Tailgate/Hatchback 53 Sunroof/T-Top

54 Undercarriage-Other

55 Cargo Area-Other

56 Vinyl/Convertible

To /Tonneau Cover

57 Wheel Covers/Caps/Rings

58 Radio Speakers

59 Wipers, all

60 Special Use

61 Box Interior, Pickup

62 Open

63 Rails, Truckbed/Lightbar

64 Spoiler/Deflector-Rear

65 Luggage Rack (Strips Drip Rail)

66 Dash/Instrument Panel

67 Cigarette Lighter/Ashtray

68 Carpet-Front

69 Center Post Right

70 Center Post Left

71 Corner Post

72 Left Front Tire

73 Left Front Wheel/Rim

74 Left Rear Tire

75 Left Rear Wheel/Rim

76 Right Rear Tire

77 Right Rear Wheel/Rim

78 Right Front Tire

79 Right Front Wheel/Rim

80 Cowl

81 Gas/Cap Cover

82 Fender-Rear Left

83 Fender-Rear Right

84 Tools/Jacks/Spare-Tire Mount+ Lock

85 Communication/GPS Unit

86 Parking Sonar System

87 Open

88 Open

89 Trailer Hitch, Wiring Harness, Tow Hooks

90 Frame

91 Exhaust System

92 License-Bracket

93 Steering Wheel/Airbag

94 Seat-Front Left

95 Seat-Front Right

96 Seat-Rear

97 Carpet-Rear

98 Interior-Other

99 Engine Compartment-Other



Global Vehicle Damage Codes Standard Version 2 Issued 4/2009

1.2 Damage Type Codes


1 Bent

2 Broken

3 Cut

4 Dented

5 Chipped

6 Cracked

7 Gouged

8 Missing

9 Scuffed

10 Stained or Soiled

11 Punctured

12 Scratched

13 Torn

14 Dented Paint Not Damaged

18 Moulding/Emblem – Weatherstrip Damaged

19 Moulding/Emblem – Weatherstrip Loose

20 Glass Cracked

21 Glass Broken

22 Glass Chipped

23 Glass Scratched

24 Marker Light/Additional Turn Light Damage

25 Decal/Paint Stripe Damaged

29 Contamination, Exterior

30 Fluid Spillage, Exterior

34 Chipped Panel Edge

36 Incorrect Part Or Option Not As Invoiced

37 Hardware – Damaged

38 Hardware – Loose, Missing

1.3 Severity Codes

1 Damage up to and including 1 inch in length/diameter – less than 2.5 cm

2 Damage over 1 inch up to and including 3 inches in length/diameter- 2.5 cm up to 7.5 cm

3 Damage over 3 inches up to and including 6 inches in length/diameter – over 7.5 cm up to 15 cm

4 Damage over 6 inches up to and including 12 inches in length/diameter – over 15 cm to 30 cm

5 Damage over 12 inches in length/diameter – over 30 cm

6 Missing